Concealed Beauty Secrets Now Revealed

Concealed Beauty Secrets Now Revealed

“Health is beauty, and the most perfect health is the most perfect beauty” - William Shenstone

Lustrous hair and glowing skin has always been associated with attractiveness and beauty. Everyone, be it men or women thrive for healthy skin and hair. After every few days, women spend a lot of bucks and their precious time with cosmetologists and hairdressers. But sadly, these traditional methods do not work for everyone and is not an answer to healthy skin and smooth hair.

Sometimes expensive creams, lotions, scrubs, and other products cannot give you the desired results. This is when you realize that you need to dig deeper and understand what your body is lacking and how to overcome it. Maybe your body lacks tri collagen and instead of searching for beauty in products, you should focus on achieving a healthy body in order to get glowing skin and good-textured hair.

The Relation Between Health and Beauty

Health and beauty are almost synonymous. All the world’s most expensive skincare products and makeup won’t help you if you are not taking good care of yourself. The best moisturizers will do nothing for your skin if it is constantly being exposed to damage and neglect and your body will become weak and frail if you stick to bad habits and poor lifestyle. You must realize that the answer to beauty lies mostly within you and what you choose each day.

One such thing that you must choose every day is collagen. It is the most abundant protein in the skin, forming an impressive 75-80% of it. Along with the elastic tissue, collagen is also found in the middle layer of skin which gives it plumpness and fullness. Not just in the skin, but collagen is found in bones, tendons, blood vessels, hair, and is also a major component of our connecting tissues.

“Collagen consumption can increase skin elasticity and help your body’s skin repair process, thus encouraging your body to form new collagen” - Dr. Jaliman

But one could sing many praises for collagen, however, as we age, the natural production of collagen in our bodies slows down. Lack of collagen is apparent in weaker tendons, cartilages, gums, eyesight, appearing wrinkles and brittle hair. In ancient Greece, people could often tell the age of a woman by the skin of her hands.

Not to worry, you can always go for beauty products containing collagen. But these products will not always be helpful as collagen should be supplied to the body from the inside as its intake through the skin is a much more complex process than it might seem.

The Importance of Dietary Supplements

Many people across the globe take collagen supplements to add more collagen to their diet. You must know that most collagen supplements go through the process of hydroxylation which means breaking the collagen in supplements into peptides making it easier for the body to absorb.

There are several potential health benefits that such supplements provide. You can use collagen for wrinkles as it reduces the effect of aging by adding moisture to the skin and reducing wrinkles.

What Products To Use?

You can go for TriCollagen peptide which is made of fish collagen, considered one of the most important proteins in the human body. People over sixteen years of age can use Fenoq products. Our TriCollagen does not have a taste or smell specific to fish and comes in a fruity flavor.

Tri Collagen peptide will help you to maintain healthy skin and hair. Its ascorbic acid helps to support the natural formation of collagen which is essential for healthy bones, cartilage, and skin. Also, the biologically active substances protect the cells from oxidative damage. This slows down the aging process and ensures the better formation of collagen.

What To Expect?

With FenoQ products, you will be tempted to try one more time, to cross out yet another dietary supplement in the long list of available products, to be able to say that I want to give it a try. Your skin will become smoother and more elastic and will gain a healthy color along with removing small wrinkles.

A customer said “Every autumn I would suffer from scaly skin. Now, though, it is no longer dry. Instead, my skin is smooth and soft. None of the creams or serums I have ever used managed to achieve such results. I also noticed that my hair strained by constant hair drying became revitalized and glossy. I could see patches of new hair growing back,”

You will also enjoy the taste of Tri collagen and can even take it as a dessert. This means that there is no need to suffer drinking a nasty-tasting product for two long weeks as such is the duration of a single FenoQ TriCollagen Peptide program.


While there are many products available in the market promising you healthy skin and even healthier hair, you should make a wise choice. Tricollagen is one such product that will make you believe in the importance and benefits of collagen and change your attitude towards methods of attaining beauty. You deserve to get the best products when you pay. With FenoQ products and its liquid TriCollagen, you can solve all your skin-related issues along with many other benefits without getting into expensive treatments.

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