"Glossy hair and glowing skin is a dream come true for each and every one of us. This is why we spend our precious time with cosmetologists and hairdressers and waste our money on high-priced serums and beauty treatments. Sadly, my own experience has taught me that traditional measures are not always the answer to having smooth skin or healthy and strong hair. It was after splurging on one of my regular beauty treatments that I took one look at the dazzling poster girl and realised that if I wished to be like her I had to first think like her and make the same decisions that she did".

When I finally admitted to myself that all of those fancy and pricey creams, serums and other products hardly gave me the results I wanted and needed, I came to the conclusion that I had to dig deeper. I needed to understand what it was that my body lacked. That was how TriCollagen made its way onto my desk. Unfortunately, that was also when I discovered the sad truth that not all bottles labeled collagen could give me the desired results. Yet, let us start at the very beginning …

Health and Beauty Go Together

The first thing you should know is that collagen is a fiber-shaped protein and one of the key structural proteinsin the intercellular space of connective tissues. Collagen can be found in cartilages, tendons, ligaments, muscles, teeth and gums, cornea, blood vessels, internal organs and tissues. Our skin and hair are also comprised of collagen and its elastic fibers. Our eyesight, joints and gums are also heavily affected by collagen. This is why this protein is very important to maintain beautiful skin, hair and nails and to keep ourselves overall healthy.

One could sing praises to collagen for years to come, however, as we age, the natural production of collagen in our bodies slows down. Lack of collagen is apparent in weaker tendons, cartilages, gums, eyesight, appearing wrinkles and brittle hair. In ancient Greece, people could often tell the age of a woman by the skin of her hands.

As soon as I realized this, I stepped into the closest store I could find. Unfortunately, none of the myriads of creams and other miraculous beauty products I purchased brought the desired results. That was the moment I came to the understanding that collagen should be supplied to the body from the inside as its intake through the skin is a much more complex process than it might seem.

Not All Products are the Same

This time around, I changed my approach entirely and decided to try my luck in the paradise of dietary supplements, the pharmacy. Sadly, a month or two later I was back to square one. Why, you might ask? As Pharmacist explains it, the content of hydrolyzed collagen in tablets and pills usually ranges from several to several hundred milligrams. I was surprised to learn that the daily dose of TriCollagen Peptide contained as many as 8 thousand mg of TriCollagen! Due to this reason, the producer chose the liquid form of collagen.

“Dietary supplements are made of the following three main ingredient groups:type I, II and III collagen and hyaluronic acid, biologically active ingredients and antioxidants, plant extracts and vitamins. All these ingredients ensure better intake of collagen and strong antioxidative properties which tend to slow down aging,”says Pharmacist. This product both supplements the resources of collagen in the body and stimulates its natural production.

First Results in Two Weeks

I did not quite believe Pharmacist after all my downfalls and the money I had spent on similar products. However, one day, I heard a 28-year-old woman, speaking of her own experiences that rang a bell with me. She was telling how important beauty, especially that of hair and skin, was to her and how she had traveled a long road of inefficient creams, serums and beauty products to reach her end goal. Her story was so much like mine I could not help but be affected.

“I have heard of the benefits of collagen but I have never deemed this protein so important. Yet, I decided to give FenoQ TriCollagen Peptide a chance after reading so many great reviews. I will be honest with you – I did not have high expectations. However, by the end of the two-week program I could hardly believe the results I was witnessing,” the woman said. Much like me, she did not believe the product would miraculously help her but she was tempted to try one more time, to cross out yet another dietary supplement in the long list of available products, to be able to say she too had given it a try… and then, her whole world changed in barely two weeks. According to the woman, it’s difficult to describe the changes in words. Her skin became smoother and more elastic. It gained a glowing healthy color and lost most of its small wrinkles.

“Every autumn I would suffer from scaly skin. Now, though,it is no longer dry. Instead, my skin is smooth and soft. None of the creams or serums I have ever used managed to achieve such results. I also noticed that my hair strained by constant hair drying became revitalized and glossy. I could see patches of new hair growing back,” the woman said. She also noticed that she enjoyed the taste of TriCollagen and could even take it as a dessert. This means there is no need to suffer drinking a nasty-tastingproduct for two long weeks as such is the duration of a single FenoQ TriCollagen Peptide program.

I admit I could not agree more with each word uttered by the woman. TriCollagen is the product that helped me to believe in the importance and benefits of collagen and to change my attitude towards the beauty industry. I deserve only the best and the products I use matter to me a lot. I also deserve to see the results I paid for and had strived for so many years. Now, my suffering is at its end. I solved my skin-related problems without the need for overpriced treatments all thanks to the liquid-form FenoQ TriCollagen Peptide.

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