Beauty Complex + Tricollagen Joints Collagen

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Beauty Complex + Tricollagen Joints 

The materials in Tricollagen and MicroHyaluron are different but very closely related. Peptides from Tricollagen Peptide will give your body tissue shape, firmness, elasticity, and MicroHyaluron – moisture. It is therefore recommended to drink both products for maximum results.

The FenoQ Serum is designed to soften, nourish and moisturize the skin of your hands. Serum fat does not leave an unpleasant sensation, the skin becomes soft, smooth and protected from harmful environmental effects.

Gift - Tricollagen Joints

Beauty Complex contains 14 vials (25 ml) of Tricollagen Peptide and 14 vials (25 ml) of MicroHyaluron+Gift Tricollagen Joints 14 vials (25 ml)